Hong Kong

Category: Hong Kong,Travel | July 10, 2016

Hong Kong is an incredibly dynmaic and powerful city. We part from him with unforgettable memories.

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Cambodia: The Country of Temples

Category: Cambodia,Travel | July 10, 2016

Cambodia, the home of Khmer empire that boasts a virgin nature and world wide known temples is a must to visit. 

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Category: Singapore,Travel | July 10, 2016

We had a short but eventful trip over to the wonderful country of the far east, Singapore. 

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The Philippines: 1 Country 7642 Heavenly Islands

Category: The Philippines,Travel | March 22, 2016
Azure Waters of the Philippines

The beautiful Philippines, home of cheerful, hospitable, resourceful, hard working, mannerly and modest Filipinos is giving the entire world a silent lesson in all these virtues. We traveled for a month in this incredible country. After much deliberation, we managed to fit our adventure in 100 photographs. Enjoy.

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Thailand: Breathtaking and Exotic

Category: Thailand,Travel | March 21, 2016

The rich culture and intact nature of Thailand put a spell on us. I would like to share my shots from this unique country of freedom. Enjoy.

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The Far Eastern Leopard: Malaysia

Category: Malaysia,Travel | December 25, 2013
Kuala Lumpur's skyscrapers can be viewed from anywhere in the city.

We enjoyed a breathtaking vacation streching from the dynamic capital Kuala Lumpur to the pearl white sandy beaches and tropical forests.

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A Winter Day in Kiev

Category: Travel,Ukraine | May 2, 2013
Making their way to office under heavy snowfall is a daily morning routine for Kievians.

Kiev, the beautiful capital city of Ukraine offers an unforgettable winter experience. 

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A Winter Night in Kiev

Category: Travel,Ukraine | January 15, 2013

Following days of heavy snowfall, Kiev was blanketed in white.

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Anatolian Flora

Category: Nature | March 19, 2012
Erodium Sp.

Some select shots from the unique flora of our country.

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A Five Minute Interlude: Four Seasons of Turkey

Category: Display | March 19, 2012

In 2005, I started off my dedicated photo-website aiming to introduce the least known parts of Turkey. It has drawn an incredible interest with over 112.000 all-time hits by more than 2770 visitors. In order to convey my sincere gratitute for your support, I would like to present you with this short slide show produced out of photos I haven’t published before.

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