I was born in Ankara in 1979. I graduated from Orta Doğu Technical University as petroleum engineer in 2003. I have been working as an officially licenced professional tour guide all around Turkey since 2001. I am also an active outdoor specialist with a background in wilderness rescue and a considerable experience in dealing with environmental extremes.

I have been guiding tours for the leading British tour operators Explore and Exodus for over 10 years. I also work with Overseas Adventure Travel and Grand Circle Corporation, the most reputable agencies in the USA as a trip leader. I have tour experience with many different nations from Europe and the rest of the world visiting every corner in Turkey. I was deemed to deserve Explore’s “Tour Leader of the Year” award in the local knowledge category among hundreds of tour guides all around the world in 2008.

Besides being a passionate cultural guide, I am a veteran nature lover and photographer. I believe every tour must be a memorable experience. I duly acknowledge that sightseeing is not the only expectation of a traveller. I sincerely try my best to share as many assets about Turkey as possible including but not limited to religion,  art, history, architecture, geology, flora, fauna, cuisine, folklore, customs and local life.

You are more than welcome to our colourful Turkey, the best destination to work as a guide. There is so much to do and see even for me. Having become a tour guide, I enjoy more and more of the natural and historical treasures of Turkey – from the Roman chariot races at the ancient Istanbul’s Hippodrome to the frescoes of the troglodyte churches in fairy Cappadocia. I am so proud of my beautiful country and it is an honour to introduce all its aspects to my fellow guests.

I shall take great care of you here.