Degree Confluence Project: A Good Reason to Go Outdoors!

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | March 20, 2015

What is a confluence and where there is one? Here is the link answering all your questions:

Images from Our Degree Confluence Adventures

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | March 25, 2014

We went the extra mile to discover the unknown Turkey by reaching out to places where nobody has never explored before. Each of our Degree Confluence expedition turned out to be an exhilarating experience with unforgettable memories. The link below will take you through a journey in our world of Degree Confluence adventures.

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A Distant Journey: Mt. Abdal Musa (3331m)

Category: Projects | December 5, 2013
Mt. Abdal Musa

We explored the unspoiled nature of Torul region within the scope our “New Summits” discovery project. It was a fantastic climb to Mt Abdal Musa passing dozens of lakes scattered en-route. You can reach the trip photos below.

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Lonely Peak, Karagol (10193 ft) Inboynu, Giresun

Category: Projects | November 20, 2012
Karagöl Dağı

We began our journey in the province of Ordu passing through vast grasslands and accomplished a pleasant ascent to the hightest summit of mysterious Giresun Mountains. We scaled the summit up on the northeast ridge and down the southwest face. Stick with us! So much more to discover and share in beautiful Turkey! 

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Mt Berit, The Gusty Heights (10020 ft.) Goksun, Kahramanmaras

Category: Projects | July 3, 2012

We have paid a peaceful revisit to the Berit that wouldn’t allow us in the last winter.

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Turkey From The Air: A New Perspective

Category: Turkey From The Air | June 3, 2012
Yamula Dam and Mt Hasan in the Background

A dream to introduce the least known and the most dramatic corners of Turkey.

Rendezvous with Snow, Mt. Berit (10020 ft)

Category: Projects | March 20, 2012
Mt. Berit From the Air

We knocked on the mysterious mountain’s door. But the 36 hour snow storm wouldn’t let us in.

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Degree Confluence, Karabuk and Sinop

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | December 14, 2009

December 12-13, 2009

41N 33E

Another fully equipped confluence weekend just began in Ankara. We took the highway D750 up to Cerkes junction. From there, we turned right into Cerkes route. Once we reached Cerkes, we turned right onto the route D100 for only a kilometer. Then we turned left due north towards Ercek village near the DCP. That time on, some complex village roads seen on our map were indirectly reaching the village. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be that way. The farmland roads were rather confusing yet, some wern’t’t even plotted on the map. In the end, we ended up giving up on asking where we were and rather using our senses and knowledge of topography for determining the most logical route onto the DCP. We still don’t quite know how but after a prolonged driving session, having gone past a significant number of roads and junctions, we somehow managed to approach to the intersection as close as 120 meters. We were mentally exhausted though, so it was time for a good night sleep.

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Degree Confluence, Western and Northwestern Turkey

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | November 30, 2009

November 26-30, 2009

41N 32E

On a sunny day at 13:00 we met with Derya in Ankara and set off on the road for our traditional bank holiday DCP hunt. This time we are going discover western Turkey visiting confluences along the latitudes 39, 40, 41 and 42.

Leaving the motorway E-80 behind at Yenicaga exit, we drove up to Yedigoller national park. Enroute, we pulled up and reached the DCP amidst lovely green nature. After quite a few shots we moved on to DCP 41N 30E.

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Metu Campus Tree Plantation Report, Ankara

Category: 10.000 TREES | December 15, 2008

04th December 2008

I have decided to spend the 2008 Explore Tour Leader Awards prize money on tree plantation in Ankara. The location selected for the mission was a previously afforested area of Middle East Technical University (METU) campus, Ankara gone after a big forest fire last summer.

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