“My husband and I have just traveled to central Turkey with Explore (cycling) and I would like to compliment our tour guide Tolga Kanik for the great job he did and on his excellent knowledge of the history of Turkey.  Michael and I will look forward to another Explore holiday in the near future.”

Rowena Warby, October 2008

Cappadocia Freewheel

“In our view, Tolga was an excellent ambassador for his country and displayed a vast knowledge on a wide variety of topics. He was also an entertaining and amiable companion.”

John and Kathleen Wilson, May 2010

Hidden Trails of Cappadocia

“I wanted to write personally to say how much everyone in our group appreciated the service we received from our tour leader, Tolga Kanik.

I have been on many trekking and mountaineering holidays, but Tolga worked the hardest of any tour leader I have known.  Nothing was too much trouble – all the arrangements were excellent, his briefings were timely and informative, his knowledge of the country, the mountains and of particular sights was thorough, and he answered all our questions, even the stupid ones, with courtesy and patience.

This particular trip is logistically complex and hectic, and Tolga never rested.  Our needs always came first and he could not have done more not only to ensure our safety and wellbeing, but also to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everybody.  He frequently sacrificed his own comfort and never failed to treat us as respected clients.  But more than this, he managed the whole trip and the group with superb good humour, tolerance and enthusiasm, providing support and encouragement and guaranteeing that everybody was able to do their best.  We all reached the top of Mt Ararat and this was testament to his leadership.

I am sure that Tolga is always popular with clients on all the holidays which he leads.  You have a great ambassador for your company and for your country in Tolga Kanik, and I hope that his commitment to outstanding customer service is recognised.

“Thank you for a great trip.”

Jane Moreland, September 2011

Cappadocia, Taurus & Ararat Trek

Tolga was an excellent Tour leader he was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his country. Attentive and considerate to the needs of the group and individuals.When we requested a fan for our room in Goreme he went to great lenghts to obtain one. Similarly he remembered a request to photograph a field of sunflowers several days after it was made. He was well organised and made maximum use of our time and any opportunities often visting sites early before it became too hot.He was great fun around children and concious of the saftey and well being of everyone. A fantastic guide! Best we have encountered yet!

Sifa Ustun, July 2012

Cappadocia and Coast Adventure

Tolga was an exteremely capable and knowledgeable tourguide. Probably the best we have had in our 8 trips with OAT. He provided background, historical and local aspects for each of the sites we visited. He spent considerable time answering all the questions raised by the group. Since most of the group were not familiar with a secular Muslim country, many of the questions were potentially controversial in nature but he handled everything with knowledge and openness.

Tolga was constantly checking with every member of the group that the hotel rooms were OK, the food was suitable, or if there were any special needs. Every request (of mine) was promptly handled. He was available either in the hotel lobby, by the phone, and just roaming around. Many times he seemed like the head waiter as he helped serve and made sure everyone was happy with their meal. For the lunch / dinner on our own, he acted as cashier to speed up payment.

Several of the single ladies seemed to require (or request) considerable extra attention. Again, Tolga tried his best to accommodate them. I think Tolga did an outstanding job trying to make their trip as enjoyable as possible.

Tolga rates a 10

Paul Breslin, October 2012

Turkey’s Sacred Lands & Ancient Civilizations