Degree Confluence, Northeastern Turkey

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | December 13, 2008

December 06-13, 2008

06th of  December 2008 Saturday

40N 36E

Another bank holiday good for another adventure! We are going to aim 12 DCPs in 8 day time all accross the northeastern Turkey. Thanks to our previous DCP expeditions, we gained a lot of experience. As a matter of fact, we literally did not  take chances on anything. We gathered geographical information such as Google Earth and Google Map images for route accession, digital topographic maps of various scales, downloaded Google Earth data with integrated maps for off-line access, uploaded maps and designated optimum confluence routes to our Garmin CSX GPS, a decent scale road book, Map Source software enabling us reach all the route data within moments notice. Moreover, we brought crampons, ice axes, a chain for the car tire, a tank of reserve fuel not to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, all sorts of camping equipment, a couple of radios and even a pair of pruning shears with an axe to overcome impassible vegetation of the Black Sea region. We were then well equipped and ready for the challenge more than ever!

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Degree Confluence, Southwestern Turkey

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | October 15, 2007

October 11-14, 2007

11th of October 2007

40N 33E

Another bank holiday to be spent on another confluence madness! Fully equipped we set off on the road towards eastern outskirts ofAnkara. That wasn’t easy though due to the congestion in the downtown. Having got rid of the crazy jam we hit the ring road and turned east at the Karapurcek exit. We then started driving neatly across the peaceful and silent orchards of central Anatolia.

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Degree Confluence, Central and Southern Turkey

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | January 4, 2007

December 31, 2006 – January 03, 2007

This years’s bank holiday is allocated to our confluence project about which we’d been thinking for a long time. We had only four days. Therefore, we were well aware of the fact that it was gonna be a big hectic struggle from one point to another everyday. Having finished all the long and tiring preparations and gathered necessary equipment furnished with useful software, we hit the  road at 01:00 o’clock.

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A Real Degree Confluence Adventure at 40N 32E

Category: Degree Confluence,Projects | May 23, 2004


40N 32E

On a very sunny and breezy day in Ankara, me and Derya decided to go ahead and find one of the undiscovered intersection points of latitudes and longitudes, and that was of 40N 32E. Our decision was to do this trip on our bikes, as we love biking. The point was within close proximity of Oymaağaç village.

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